It’s hard for me to believe that it’s been less than three months since Kesey’s diagnosis.  Seems like we’ve been battling this disease for at least a year.

Kesey had his third round of chemo two weeks ago (carboplatin again).  No real issues with it.  The internist at our local vet administered the chemo and we still really, really like him.  Kesey gets acupunture once/month now and I think that’s the schedule we’ll continue with.

We saw the internist for some bloodwork and x-rays yesterday, b/c Kesey has been coughing and hacking and breathing heavily.  It looks like he has an infection.  His temperature was a little high.  So, we’ll start him on antibiotics today.  Yesterday was the first time we’ve had to ask for a quote before moving forward with the tests.  What a terrible feeling…and we’re not even three months in.  We’ve used up all of the funds allowed through our pet insurance, so we need to be more careful about costs now.  The insurance only paid 70% to begin with, but that made it much easier to not worry too much about expenses.  Looking back, I should have been more careful with spending in the beginning – we saw three oncologists, got a number of opinions, etc, and it was expensive, but in the end we felt confident about the decisions we were making…now we just need to figure out how to fund those decisions.  I’m sure it will work out, but I don’t like that cost is becoming such a factor in our decision making process.  We’re already stressing out about Kesey’s fourth, and final, round of chemo.

The good news is that Kesey’s lungs look good other than the infection.  And he really is doing quite well.  He eats like a champ, gets excited to see new people, and is generally happy.

Yesterday after the vet, we went to pick up G from his grammie and grampie and G walked up and gave Kesey a hug and said “how’s my good buddy…you going to be oookay Kesey.”   He wasn’t questioning, but trying to reassure Kesey.  G just doesn’t know to use “you’re” instead of “you.”


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