A good week

Kesey has had a really good week.   He even got to visit his grammie and grampie when we learned that his white blood cell count has not dropped too low.  We’re still keeping him fairly close to home and won’t allow him anywhere groups of other dogs gather, but a little time visiting the gparents seemed safe enough.  We’re also going for short walks on our street.

We’ve known all along that Dr. Sporer’s office works with an internist who can administer chemo and advise us. We just felt that we needed to work with an oncologist.  Now that we’ve met some oncologists and been to Medvet for one chemo treatment, we feel fairly confident that we have learned what we need to know about the treatments.  And we’re not in love with any of the oncologists, so we decided it would be in Kesey’s best interest to have future chemo treatments done in Dr. Sporer’s office.  As a first step, we met with the internist and introduced him to Kesey.  We actually really like this doctor.  He recommended carboplatin for treatment, and said he would not use adria.  Thank goodness…b/c we are just pretty freaked out by the adria.  He also said that Kesey seems to be doing very well. I asked him how he feels about us using holistic treatments in conjunction with chemo and he said that he thinks people do not use holistic enough and he’s so happy we feel so strongly in favor of it.  What a relief to hear him say this!  Another question I asked him was if a tech will stay with Kesey the entire time he’s receiving the chemo, and he said absolutely yes and that he also stays with Kesey the entire time.  Awesome.  At Medvet, it’s a tech who stays with him, no vet.  I should note that we had no problems with Medvet, we just didn’t feel any real attachment to the practice and we weren’t willing to give up holistic options as we were told we would need to do.  We love that there is a dedicated cancer center and that the office is spacious and bright, but as far as Kesey’s care and comfort, we trust Dr. Sporer more than anyone else and we know that if we go with her office, we’ll have her, Jess and the internist all looking out for our special guy.  And I know Kesey will be comforted by Dr. Sporer’s and Jess’ presence.  And we’ll be about five minutes away from home…make the treatments less stressful for all of us.

So we have an appointment to see Dr. Sivula for acupuncture Monday.  They are opening early to fit us in.  Such amazing people there!  Hopefully the acupuncture will help build up Kesey’s immunities.  And then we have chemo Tuesday.  I am not looking forward to the chemo, but again, it is only after extensive research and soul searching that we are making the decision to continue the treatment.  One dose does virutally nothing to help.  Two doses should help to lengthen his life.  And four doses is the max we will do.  There’s a chance, however, that we’ll stop after two.

I don’t think I’ve shared the website for the dehydrated raw food we’ve been giving Kesey.  It was recommended by Dr. Sivula, and we LOVE it.  We feed Force from Honest Kitchen, and Kesey cannot get enough of it.  Franklin and Millie drool over it too, but they don’t get much b/c we just don’t have the budget to feed all three of them this.  For Kesey, I usually mix in some chicken breast, cottage cheese, fish oil, and his acidophilus.  He gobbles it up.  I feel very guilty giving Franklin and Millie boring, dry kibble.  Maybe I can find a way to feed them Force for one of their daily meals.  Franklin has sensitive skin and a sensitive stomach, so I know it would be very good for him.  Currently, Kesey gets Evo dry in the morning (b/c we bought a large bag and needed to use it up), and then his special Force combo dinner.  I’d like to switch Millie and Franklin to Orijen, a dry food I’ve really come to love, for breakfast and a Force combo for dinner, while feeding Kesey a mix of homemade and Force.  Just need to play with our budget a bit.


One Response to “A good week”

  1. I am so moved by your love and commitment to Kesey.

    I know what it feels like to love like that, as I loved my Cindy the same way. When I was 7 months pregnant with Dylan, Cindy became very ill. I slept on the floor with her for three nights until she began improving.

    When she was about 12, her kidneys began shutting down. Again, I laid with her, prayed over her, whatever I thought would make her not feel alone. Had I known about acupuncture, Reiki, and other wholistic treatments, I would have done anything to help her. On her last night, she had a stroke and died the next morning. She’s buried in a grave in our fruit orchard, on her bed, covered with a pink blanket, inside of a sturdy wood box.

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