Best Friends

KandF best friends

Aren’t those two adorable?  Franklin has always liked to snuggle up as closely as possible to Kesey.  Kesey doesn’t seem to mind, or if he does, he doesn’t ever say so.  Sometimes Franklin tries this with Millie, but she likes a lot of personal space, so she doesn’t let Franklin stay close for too long.  I don’t know what Franklin’s going to do without Kesey.  I guess I don’t know what any of us are going to do without Kesey.

Yesterday we went to see Dr. Sivula and Kesey got some acupuncture.  He seems to enjoy it.  All went well there and we continue to love that office and everyone in it.  We saw some other pups using the underwater treadmill, and I am excited for Kesey to get his chance in there once he builds his immunity back up.

Early today we took Kesey to see Jess (Dr. Sporer wasn’t in) for some bloodwork.  Awesome Jess came out to our car with a tech and they did the blood draw right there.  Jess hopped right in to cuddle with Kesey – the back of our car is official dog space and filled with dog hair covered blankets and covered in dried on doggie drool.  I’m not sure I’d get in back there, so this is just further evidence of how awesome Jess is and how she’ll do anything for Kesey.  We didn’t want to take him inside the clinic b/c today is the day his white blood cell count should reach it’s low point.  And today’s blood test will tell us just how low that count is.

Yesterday, Dr. Sivula told us that he thinks Kesey looks terrific and that he seems to be handling the chemo very well.  I tend to agree.  It was a rough couple of days, but Kesey is back to his happy, easy going, food motivated self again now.  We talked with Dr. Sivula about options for future chemo, and I think he helped L and I to come to the conclusion that Kesey would be best suited for treatment at our local vet…Dr. Sporer’s office.  There is no oncologist there, but they have an internist who comes to the office for things like this.  Kesey is so comfortable there and I would be sure to schedule his treatment on days that Dr. Sporer and Jess are there to provide just a little extra comfort (to both me and Kesey).  Ultimately, this makes the most sense.  I struggle with moving to an internist rather than an oncologist, but the fact is that we know we want to use Carboplatin only.  I’m not interested in adria at all.  And we know we want as few treatments as possible…a maximum of four…and we know what we need to do for follow-up care, so I think b/c we’ve met with so many oncologists and done so much research, we really just need someone who will administer the drugs, communicate effectively with Dr. Sporer, and agree to allow us to use holistic treatments in conjunction with chemo.  So, this all makes sense to me.  Now, I just have to talk with the internist and make sure he’s on board with all of these things.


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