living with chemo

Kesey’s been handling the chemo fairly well.  He had some really awful diarrhea this morning, but hopefully that won’t continue.  Still, I am not sure about chemo in general.  Before we started it, we were taking Kesey everywhere with us and all having a great time together.  Now, we’re fearful to take him anywhere b/c his immunity is so much lower.  And we’re afraid to leave him alone b/c we aren’t sure when his nausea might act up, and we want to be with him in case he’s not feeling well.

This morning, he woke up with a gooey, yucky eye infection.  We took him to the vet.  Our regular staff wasn’t there since it’s a Saturday.  I had hoped they might be able to examine his eye in our car, but we had to take him in one of the exam rooms.  We actually had to take him in once, then were told it would be quite a while, so best to take him back to the car, then we took him in again about 30 minutes later.  I felt awfully anxious the entire time, b/c I don’t want Kesey to have an eye infection, b/c his immunity is low b/c of something we did to him, and b/c now he’s being exposed to all of these other diseases/infections.  Hopefully this will be the worst thing we have to deal with.

new deck 7.12.09

New deck – just lattice needs replacing now.  I’m excited to share that Kesey is navigating the new stairs very well!  He’s slow moving, but he can get up and down w/out much trouble at all.  L and my dad are so awesome for building the stairs for him.

handsome kesey 7.12.09

Kesey enjoying the lower deck now that he can happily use the new stairs.

This afternoon we all spent some time outside together.  We aren’t using the dog pool right now, so Franklin decided he might like to cool off in G’s sand and water table.  He’s not the brightest dog (by far), but he is the funniest.

Frankin: “Think we can jump up there and get in?”

think we can swim in there

Frankin in water table

On another note, last night I hosted a Pampered Chef party to benefit the Humane Ohio campaign to “Raise the Roof.” I planned this before I knew Kesey would be having chemo this week.  I was a little worried about all of the commotion, but all seemed to go well.  If anyone needs Pampered Chef products, let me know.  I have info about a really great raffle that raises funds for Humane Ohio if you might be interested in that.  And if anyone wants to host their own party to benefit Humane Ohio, let me know that too!


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