L, the carpenter :)

Not feeling like a lot of laughter here today, but can’t help sharing this photo.

len's pencil

Yesterday I saw Len with this pencil sticking out from his ear.  I couldn’t help laughing.  He said “it’s a carpenter’s pencil,” and seemed just a little embarrassed.  I asked him if it came free with the wood purchases, and it didn’t.  He literally bought this to use on the deck remodel.  I think he even sharpened it using a knife.  It’s really quite adorable.

New deck progress

Deck’s looking a lot better, isn’t it?  The stairs are so nice.  L still has some work to do – adding the railings to the stairs, doing something about that awful lattice on the bottom, and finishing the railing on the upper deck, but I’m so happy with the progress.  We’ll also add some no-slip something or other to the stairs to make it easier for Kesey to use them.  And it’s hard to see b/c of the sunlight when I took the photo, but there are these really cool beams on top of the deck, and we’ll use those to hold some kind of fabric to create some shade.  My dad has been a huge help with the entire project, but I’m really proud of L’s skills too and I love him so much for getting this project done so quickly for Kesey.


One Response to “L, the carpenter :)”

  1. You’d really love those pencils if you spent all day chasing the round ones that roll off the saw table! And, yes, they are sharpened with a knife – preferably a utility knife and be sure to leave the shavings all over the floor 😉 Jack has been using those for many years and I’m almost surprised to find a round regular pencil in the shop now. The stairs look great. Not only Kesey will enjoy them more but you will, too.

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